Latin American Electroacoustic Music Collection

alcides lanza, eidesis III (1971-II) [tape part only], 1971

Recording time: 8 min 29 s.
Instruments: For orchestra and tape
Recorded at: Composer' studio and McGill University EMS. Montréal, QC, Canada.

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About this composition:

eidesis III [1971-II], for orchestra and tape, with lights [possible with two conductors]
Written spontaneously by alcides lanza, dedicated to Antonio Tauriello. The premiere performance took place during a Nutida Musik concert, with the Malmö Symphony Orchestra, February 15, 1972. The conductors were Mesias Maiguashca and alcides lanza.

eidesis III seeks a sound realization of double and triple images, as if there were superimposed transparencies getting in and out of alignment.
Eidetic: of, or pertaining to, or constituting visual imagery retained in the memory and easily reproducible with with great accuracy and great detail [from the Greek 'eidos', plus 'etikos']
Tape part realized at the McGill University EMS, sugin materials done with the Le Caine Instruments, plus pre-recorded sounds from the Columbia-Princeton EMC.
Score published by Boosey and Hawkes