Latin American Electroacoustic Music Collection

alcides lanza, plectros IV (1974-I) [tape part only], 1974

Recording time: 15 min 07 s.
Instruments: For two pianists of opposite sex, miscellaneous percussion and tape
Recorded at: Composer' studio (SHELAN Studio) and McGill University EMS. Montreal, QC, Canada.

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About this composition:

plectros IV [1974-I], for two pianists of opposite sex, miscellaneous percussion and tape.
Commissioned by the SMCQ [Societé de Musique contemporaine du Québec], for Duo pianists Bruce Mather and Pierrette Lepage. Premiered by them at an SMCQ concert in Montrea, January 23, 1975.

A theatre piece staged in the future, perhaps in a shop of antique music instruments. The performers, two robots [male and female] enter a dream sequence with echoes of Robert Schumann's music. At a dramatic point, the female robot faints. It is with a tender fragment of Schumann's fantasie, re-written by lanza that the customer-robot is revived. The Coda section stars ERIC, a toy-robot.

Score published by SHELAN.