Latin American Electroacoustic Music Collection

alcides lanza, son glosas, claro... (1991-I), 1991

Recording time: 10 min 17 s.
Instruments: For digital synthesizer(s), external modules and tape
Recorded at: Studio SHELAN. Montreal, Canada.
Remarks: Studio recording realized at Studio IREME, Vancouver, by synthesist Sergio Barroso.

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About this composition:

son glosas, claro ... [1991-I]
for digital synthesizer[s], external modules and tape

gloss [Gk: glĂ´ssa]: language, tongue; an explanation by means of marginal notes...a series of verbal interpolations of a text...

son glosas, claro... [glimpses, of course...] is scored for the FM digital synthesizer Yamaha DX7II, which acts as a keyboard controller over external modules: a Yamaha TX802 digital synthesizer and an Akai S1000 sampler. both units play the voices and performances created by the composer, and edited by Sergio Barroso.

inserting a digital delay line before the sounds reach the audience is recommended, but optional. the very few needed effects were created utilizing a Lexicon LXP15. however, any other comercially available unit could be used.

the tape part was created at shelan studios with the following basic equipment: a Yamaha DX5 digital synthesizer, Proteus 3 multi-timbral digital sound module, and an Akai S1000 sampler. the digital signal processors were the Lexicon LXP15 multi-effects processor, and Boss phaser and digital pitch shifter and delay.

a Macintosh IIci running Performer sequencer and Opcode Editor/librarian were used to create the samples, voices and the sequenced sections of the tape part.

the pre recorded children's voices are those of Adriana, Antonio and Emily Sheppard-lanza. all the phonemes and words used are typical of tango lyrics, but are taken out of their meaningful context. an identical procedure was applied to the glimpses of tango rhythms and harmonies. these were all created by the composer.

the tape part is represented graphically in the score only with the intention of helping the performer. the symbols used act as a visual aid with some precision in the time axis. all other parameters are represented without any degree of precision.
[Note: this piece has never been premiered in concert. A 'studio' recording exists, done by Sergio Barroso at the Ireme Studio in Vancouver.]

Published by SHELAN [eSp 9101]