Latin American Electroacoustic Music Collection

alcides lanza, ekphonesis V (1979-I) [tape part only], 1979
[(part 1 of the) trilogy]

Recording time: 15 min 05 s.
Instruments: For actress singer and electronic sounds
Recorded at: Composer' studio (SHELAN Studio) and McGill University EMS. Montreal, QC, Canada.
Remarks: Trilogy: ekphonesis V (1979-I); penetrations VII (1972-III); ekphonesis VI (1988-II).

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About this composition:

Trilogy [ekphonesis V-penetrations VII-ekphonesis VI]:

Trilogy is an evening of music theatre for actress-singer, electronic sounds and electronic extensions, with digital synthesizers and lighting effects. Trilogy is an autobiographical cycle of songs evoking the composer's youth, growing political awareness and mature reflections. The piece makes extensive use of multi-lingual texts, freely moving from english, to french to spanish, as well as invented languages. This song cycle represents ongoing research by the composer in the area of new approaches in writing for voice and electronic media.

ekphonesis V (1979-I) is rooted in the composer's continuing interest with "memories." this piece explores the "library" of memories, reflections, thoughts, and ideas, supposedly encountered if the soloist could enter the brain of the composer. During this "tour of the brain" the "tourist" is confronted with the recollections of the composer, plus her own memories. ekphonesis V deals with lanza's youth, and his relationship with his tutor (his uncle, the well known Argentinian writer, Velmiro Ayala Gauna), his grandmother, and their memories of his grandfather (whom lanza never met).

penetrations VII (1972-III), the chamber version of penetrations VI, moves from the individual's memories to a concern for mankind's global memories. this piece also deals with communication .... or the lack of it. the performer is at the same time a child and a woman experiencing all the memories of humanity. The accumulated hatred and evil of our human history becomes too much to remember, causing a collapse. However, the piece ends in a rebirth of hope such as children perennially inspire in us all - and a reminder to "listen".

ekphonesis VI (1988-I) was written in close collaboration with Meg Sheppard, and completes the autobiographical song-cycle started by alcides lanza in 1972. It further explores ideas presented in ekphonesis V and penetrations VII, particularly the importance of memory and the need for better communication among mankind. It also emphasizes the importance children play in promoting openness and generosity of spirit among us all. The tape part of this piece features vocals by Adriana, Antonio, and Emily Sheppard-Lanza.

Ekphonesis V, penetrations VII and ekphonesis VI are published by SHELAN.
Note: A version with instrumental ensemble, actress-singer and tape, with the title penetrations VI [1972-III], is published by Boosey&Hawkes, NY [B. Ens. 211]. The version published by SHELAN is under the title penetrations VII [1972-III], for actress-singer and tape. Both scores share the same tape part.