Latin American Electroacoustic Music Collection

alcides lanza, the freedom of silence (1990-II), 1990

Recording time: 11 min 33 s.
Instruments: For voice, piano and tape
Recorded at: Composer' studio (SHELAN Studio) and McGill University EMS. Montreal, QC, Canada.
Remarks: CBC/McGill concerts; Pollack Hall, Oct. 18, 1990. Meg Sheppard, voice; alcides lanza, piano.

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About this composition:

the freedom of silence [1990-II], for voice, piano and electroacoustic sounds

Inspired by the luminous poem "The Freedom of Silence" by Michael Robinson. The music accompanies, illustrates, and creates a surrounding sonic atmosphere for the profound statements expressed in the text. The poem is a plea for the earth's survival through spiritual and metaphysical growth. The importance of sharing these concerns with our children in order to enrich their lives is also a focal point.

Meg Sheppard, for whom this piece was written, was the moving force behind this composition. She is not only the ideal performer, she was also a collaborator. The vocal part utilizes extended vocal techniques, from 'sprechgesang" to singing, from spoken statements to improvise whispering. The piece is to be perfomed as an "story-teller" [cuenta-cuentos in the Argentinean lore].

The tape part was created at the SHELAN Studios in Montreal, using readings and improvised versions of the poem as realized by Meg Sheppard. Sampling techniques and digital sequencers were used for the realization of the tape part.

Premiered by Meg Sheppard and alcides lanza at Pollack Hall, October 11, 1990 [CBC/McGill Concert Series].

Published by SHELAN [eSp 9002]