Latin American Electroacoustic Music Collection

alcides lanza, un mundo imaginario (1989-II), 1989
[(part 2 of the) choral trilogy]

Recording time: 12 min 55 s.
Instruments: For choir, with electronic and computer sounds
Recorded at: Composer' studio (SHELAN Studio) and McGill University EMS. Montreal, QC, Canada.
Remarks: McGill Concert Choir. Iwan Edwards, conductor. Choral trilogy: sensors IV (1983-V); un mundo imaginario (1989-II); in ...visible (1994-I).

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About this composition:

Written at the request of choir conductor Iwan Edwards and dedicated to him.

The text is taken from ekphonesis V [1979-I], from alcides lanza's Trilogy.
"…un imaginario mundo interior…un niño ilusorio que
se aleja en la niebla…and vanishes…"

These lines could be translated as "…an imaginary interior world…and illusory child…
Who drifts far away into the mist…and vanishes…"

The bilingual aspects of the text has been preserved. By means of syllabic and phonemic fragmentation - both in the studio for the creation of the tape part, and in the writing for the choir - new words and word/textures were generated as a kind of invented language.

The sounds on tape bring certain vocal qualities into focus and extend the choral material. The instruments used for the production of the tape were Sennheisser MD421 microphopnes, Revox A77 and DAT tape recorders, Akai S900 sampler, Macintosh SE computer with Sound Designer, plus Lexicon and Yamaha special effects units.

The tape was realized at the SHELAN Studios and finalized at the EMS, McGill University.

Premiered by Iwan Edwards and the McGill Concert Choir at Pollack Hall, November 16, 1989.