Latin American Electroacoustic Music Collection

alcides lanza, ...como rocas al sol (2002-V) [tape part only], 2002

Recording time: 10 min 47 s.
Instruments: For accordion and tape
Recorded at: Composer' studio (SHELAN Studio) and McGill University EMS. Montreal, QC, Canada.

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About this composition:

como rocas al sol…[2002-V], for accordion and electroacoustic sounds

como rocas al sol, written for Joseph Petric , is scored for accordion and electroacoustic sounds. there is a certain playfulness in the work, echoing sonic images of pebbles and stones lying in the sun, subjected to minimal, undetectable motion, and internal changes. at the same time children voices evoke images of youthful summer play.

The work has a subjacent strata of tango music - glimpses of tango tunes and rhythms accidentally coming through some open windows on a hot, sunny day.

The pre-recorded children's voices are those of Adriana, Antonio and Emily Sheppard-lanza. All the phonemes and words used by them are typical of tango lyrics, but are taken out of context.

An identical procedure was applied to the glimpses of tango rhythms and harmonies in the accordion part, which were created by the composer.

The tape part is represented graphically in the score only with the intention of helping the performer with synchronization. The symbols act as a visual aid to provide precision in the time axis. All other parameters are represented without any degree of precision.
Como rocas al sol…is dedicated to Joseph Petric.

Tape part realized at the SHELAN Studios.

Published by SHELAN [eSp 0206]