Latin American Electroacoustic Music Collection

Ricardo Dal Farra and Arturo Gervasoni, PH, 1986

Recording time: 8 min 49 s.
Instruments: For guitar and live electroacoustic processing
Recorded at: Estudio de M├║sica Electroac├║stica. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Remarks: Arturo Gervasoni, guitar; Ricardo Dal Farra, electroacoustic processing.

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About this composition:

"PH" was composed and realized by Ricardo Dal Farra (electroacoustic processors) and Arturo Gervasoni (guitar) in 1986.

The composition is built over repetitive patterns of rhythm and pitch, with gradual transformations on timbre and strong variations of the intensity levels.

The sounds coming from a classical guitar are processed through a mixing desk, a digital delay line and a pitch transposer. All the composition is the outcome of the direct interaction in real time of two musicians, one generating and the other processing the sounds. All sounds heard on this piece were played and processed live during recording.

"PH" was premiered (live) in Argentina at Centro Cultural Ciudad de Buenos Aires on September 5 of 1986.