Latin American Electroacoustic Music Collection

Adina Izarra, Vojm, 1988

Recording time: 11 min 44 s.
Instruments: For amplified vojm (voice)
Remarks: Performer: Mara Josefina Riera. Place and date of recording: Sono 2000; 1993. Recording Engineer: Germán Landaet.

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About this composition:


Instrumentation: mezzosoprano and live electronics (three microphones: one with echo; another with reverberation; and another just dry)

Written in 1988, this work freely plays with a text by Eduardo Galeano on a free adaptation, in order to produce different meanings with the same words. The performer uses three different microphones (one with echo, one with reverberation, and one just dry) in a showlike theater piece, producing her own accompaniments. The text is written in colloquial Venezuelan accent where the word "vojm" (voice) comes from.