Latin American Electroacoustic Music Collection

alcides lanza, interferences I (1966-II), 1966

Recording time: 5 min 35 s.
Instruments: For two groups of wind instruments and electronic sounds
Recorded at: Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center. New York, United States.
Remarks: McGill Wind Symphony. Robert Gibson, conductor.

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About this composition:

interferences was written immediately after plectros II, and it was meant to be a 'personal' project which lanza wanted to offer to the Contemporary Music Group based at Columbia University .

At the time, this group was directed by Charles Wuorinen and Harvey Sollberger. after the score and tape were delivered to them, there was never any answer to lanza's proposal.

interferences I was first performed during the IV Contemporary Music Festival in Mexico City, June 1967, with members of the OSN, conducted by Leopoldo La Rosa.