Latin American Electroacoustic Music Collection

Dieter Lehnhoff, Rituales nocturnos, 1999

Recording time: 8 min 31 s.
Recorded at: Audio Track Studios. Guatemala City, Guatemala.
Remarks: Original voices: Hach Winik; Lacanhá, Chiapas (1999). Special effects: Ensemble Millennium, Guatemala (1999).

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About this composition:

"Rituales nocturnos", evokes the mysterious atmosphere of a Mayan high priest's rainmaking rituals. His chants and incantations, joined by the ever-quickening, frantic clatter of turtle shells, rattles, and slit drums, finally lead to the breaking of the clouds, as four children tell their tale, all at once, in four different Mayan languages in welcome of the blessing.

The concrete sources for this work includes original Mayan whistle playing as well as chants and tales recollected in the jungles of southern Mexico and in the Guatemalan highlands