Latin American Electroacoustic Music Collection

David Soley, Línea, 1986-1987

Recording time: 13 min 21 s.
Instruments: Zeta violin, Radio Baton, sampler, sample playback and tape

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About this composition:

The title "Línea" (Spanish for "line") reflects the basic idea of the work. A line, first heard in the viola after a very brief electronic introduction, is used to derive various figures, ornaments, harmonies and other lines throughout the course of the work. Línea utilizes a 5-string Zeta violin/viola, an E-mu E-IV sampler, a DAT player, E-mu Proteus sample playback and Max Mathews' Radio-Baton.

Created by Max Mathews, the Radio Baton is a controller for live computer music performances. It tracks the motions - in three dimensional space - of the ends of two batons which are held in the hands of a performer. The 3-D trajectories of each baton are used to control the performance. The Baton is a MIDI instrument and is intended to work with other MIDI devices including synthesizers and computers.