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Ashok Sukumaran

(Mumbai, India)

Ashok Sukumaran is an architect and media artist. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, India, and an M.F.A. from the Department of Design/Media Arts at the University of California, Los Angeles (United States).

Sukumaran’s recent work deals with the intersection of human habitat and “embedded” technology and the physical terrain of digital media. In adopting the view that many new-media technologies are not fundamentally new, his projects imagine a “what could have been” scenario between the disciplines of interactive art, early and pre-cinema, and architecture. He is currently developing a series of works that deal with the intersection of wireless systems and the electrical grid. Site-related and public forms of mediation are a deep and growing interest in his practice.

His work has been exhibited internationally, and he is currently working on projects in San Jose (United States), Pasadena (United States), Lille (France), Bangalore (India), and Mumbai (India). Sukumaran’s work has received numerous awards, including, most recently, first prize in the UNESCO DigiArts Award 2005.

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