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Fondation de l’UQAM

Bourse d'études Daniel Langlois en design graphique

(Université du Québec à Montréal)

The Daniel Langlois Scholarship in Graphic Design was created in December 2003 as part of the Daniel Langlois Foundation's Strategic Grants for Organisations program. This scholarship aims to promote creativity and innovation, and is given to a graduating student from École de design de l’Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM's School of Design) wishing to pursue post-graduate studies. The scholarship is paid to the candidate upon receipt of the confirmation of enrollment in a post-graduate program, and is meant to cover tuition costs.

Financial assistance from the Daniel Langlois Foundation also helped the School of Design to acquire new equipment for its laboratory.

The endowment fund has allowed the School of Design to grant 15 scholarships:

- 2019: Audrey Beaulé and Camille Ouellet Morissette
- 2018: Marie-Pierre Corbeil
- 2017: Orysia Zabeida
- 2016: Pascale Sévigny-Vallières
- 2015: Joyce Amy and Daniel Caja Rubio
- 2014: Nicolas Ménard
- 2013: Alexandre Saumier-Demers
- 2012: Laurie Castilloux-Bouchard
- 2011: Sylvie Chartrand
- 2010: Stéphane Halmaï-Voisard
- 2009: Maxime Harvey-Carrière
- 2008: Natalie-Ann Roy and Christopher Scully

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