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Kathryn Farley, Generative Systems


Yony, Vol. 1, no. 7 (1976)
Kathryn Farley: Interview with Sonia Sheridan (video)
Kathryn Farley: Interview with Sonia Sheridan (video) Yony, Vol. 1, no. 6 (1976) Yony, Vol. 1, no. 8 (1976)
Professor Sheridan was awarded a “Workshop” grant by the National Endowment for the Arts for use during the 1974-1975 academic year. She applied the funds towards the creation of Yony, a publication containing work produced by students in Generative Systems classes, along with snippets of poetry, meditations on technology, images of classroom activities and commentary by faculty affiliated with Generative Systems. Each issue of the journal was unique and focused on a specific theme, question or method of creation. (1) For example, volume one number four of Yony (published in May of 1975) (e) focused on electrostatic imaging techniques (the production of graphics by electrical charge). (2)

Once the NEA grant funds were exhausted, Professor Sheridan established a service that mailed out new issues of Yony to subscribers at nominal cost. In a recent interview, Professor Sheridan discusses the genesis of Yony and evaluates the publication’s effectiveness in disseminating information about Generative Systems. (b)

Kathryn Farley © 2007 FDL

(1) Craig Goldwyn, a graduate student who assisted Professor Sheridan and faculty member Keith Smith in editing “Yony” provided information about the publication’s history in a personal interview that took place on March 26, 2007.

(2) To learn more about electrostatic printmaking and other processes Professor Sheridan and students explored in the classroom, please access the “Processes” section of this project.