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Sonia Sheridan fonds

Computer based processes

Sonia Sheridan and the EASEL/Cromemco Z-2D system, 1982
John Dunn and the EASEL/Cromemco Z-2D system, 1982 Electra exhibition, Paris, 1983 Process: Lumena
A large series of images were created in the 80s by Sonia Sheridan on a Cromemco Z-2D computer with a Cat 4 graphics card, a black and white surveillance camera, and EASEL software by John Dunn. This system was the first available graphics software for the PC.

In 1982, John Dunn founded the company Time Arts Inc. in Glen Ellen (California, USA) to produce EASEL and then Lumena. He started the system while a graduate student in Generative Systems in the late 1970s.

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