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DLF Projects in India

Interview with Vishal Rawlley

Interview with Vishal Rawlley / produced by the Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science, and Technology; interviewer, camera: Raphaëlle Aubin, 1 videocassette (1 hr. 18 min.): master, digital, col., sound. Interview conducted May 2, 2007 in Montreal.

Question 1Question 1
About Bombay Sonic
Question 1
Question 2Question 2
Mumbai's signs
Question 2
Question 3Question 3
Taxi sticker art
Question 3
Question 4Question 4
Asian Vibes: Bombay documentary
Question 4
Question 5Question 5
Role as an artist
Question 5
Question 6Question 6
Impact of his projects
Question 6
Question 7Question 7
Film poster technique and comic books
Question 7
Question 8Question 8
VoiceWave Series introduction
Question 8
Question 9Question 9
Ecological context
Question 9
Question 10Question 10
Use of mythology
Question 10
Question 11Question 11
Legend of the Sea Lord myth
Question 11
Question 12Question 12
“Phone phreaking”
Question 12
Question 13Question 13
Use of telephone network
Question 13
Question 14Question 14
Light installation: Legend of the Sea Lord
Question 14
Question 15Question 15
VoiceWave Series
Question 15
Question 16Question 16
Practical implementation of the Legend of the Sea Lord
Question 16
Question 17Question 17
Interface: Legend of the Sea Lord
Question 17
Question 18Question 18
Language: Legend of the Sea Lord
Question 18
Question 19Question 19
Actors: Legend of the Sea Lord
Question 19
Question 20Question 20
Moderator: Legend of the Sea Lord
Question 20
Question 21Question 21
Question 21
Question 22Question 22
Question 22

Raphaëlle Aubin © 2007 FDL