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Art and Science Laboratory

Techne and Eros

(Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States)

A decade ago, artists Steina and Woody Vasulka, composer David Dunn and physicist James Crutchfield began a dialogue on larger conceptual questions regarding the future of electronic and digital art.

A result of their exchange, and of a series of workshops in experimental and interactive media art, Techne & Eros: Art and Science Laboratory aims to explore and promote a new creative space for human thought and action that focuses on artistic and scientific practices which engage with the electronic and the digital.

The Laboratory's research aims at deeper understanding of the digital, not only as providing tools for expression but also as a liaison enabling crossovers between different artistic disciplines. Digital technology has become the meeting place par excellence for art and science. From this perspective, the Laboratory's primary objective is the creation of strategies that allow exploration of the ways in which digital code and computer tools determine new types of human perception and a new potential for the creative imagination. In addition, the Art and Science Laboratory wishes to expand its intellectual and historical interests by opening itself up to popular youth cyberculture.

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