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Very Nervous System: Documentary Collection

Interview with David Rokeby

Interview with David Rokeby / Produced by the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute Media.Art.Research., Linz; interviewers: Lizzie Muller, Caitlin Jones. Interview conducted on September 2nd, 2009 in Linz (Austria).

Split out into thematic clips, the interview addresses our broad research themes of "real" and "ideal" experiences of an artwork. The interview questions were based upon the Variable Media Questionnaire framed by questions focusing on audience experience:

Question 1Question 1
Introduction to the interactive experience of Very Nervous System
Question 1
Question 2Question 2
History and parameters of didactic material
Question 2
Question 3Question 3
Experiential goals 1 : Stereoscopic proprioception
Question 3
Question 4Question 4
Experiential goals 2: Residue of the experience in the viewer
Question 4
Question 5Question 5
Experiential goals 3: Control and complexity
Question 5
Question 6Question 6
Installation considerations: size, shape and location of installation
Question 6
Question 7Question 7
Installation considerations: defining future parameters
Question 7
Question 8Question 8
Installation considerations: volume and sound spillage
Question 8
Question 9Question 9
Installation considerations: creating installation instructions
Question 9
Question 10Question 10
Hardware considerations: the camera
Question 10
Question 11Question 11
Hardware considerations: the use of a monitor in the installation space
Question 11
Question 12Question 12
Hardware considerations: hardware invisibility
Question 12
Question 13Question 13
Experiential considerations: Hardware invisibility and "clues" for the audience
Question 13
Question 14Question 14
Experiential considerations: how audiences attitudes have changed over the years
Question 14
Question 15Question 15
Experiential considerations: changes in user experience over the life of the work
Question 15
Question 16Question 16
Experiential considerations: the use of metaphors to describe the experience
Question 16
Question 17Question 17
Technical considerations: how the original technical limitations have shaped the experience of the piece over time
Question 17
Question 18Question 18
Preservation considerations: migration and emulation
Question 18
Question 19Question 19
Audio considerations: music and sound palette (how sound can date the work)
Question 19
Question 20Question 20
Audio considerations: creating new music or sounds and the creation of 2003 palette
Question 20
Question 21Question 21
Technical considerations: specific technical details about the relationship between movement and sound
Question 21
Question 22Question 22
Software considerations: softVNS as independent software
Question 22
Question 23Question 23
Experiential considerations: questions David might have of the audience experience
Question 23
Question 24Question 24
28 years of Very Nervous System: the relevance of the work over time
Question 24
Question 25Question 25
Audio considerations: combining two versions into this installation
Question 25

Caitlin Jones & Lizzie Muller © 2010 FDL