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Contemporary Digital Art

Conservation, dissemination and market access

Étienne Grenier

Etienne Grenier is an artist who works in the digital culture field. His activities as a multimedia developer have led him to collaborate with partners working in architecture, theatre, lighting design, dance and video. He is a co-founder of Projet EVA, a collective in which he explores the concepts of diminished reality, totalitarian interactivity as well as the deprogramming of perceptions as part of transgressive art projects. His involvement with various organizations (PRIM, Eastern Bloc, CQAM) speaks to his interest for the arts milieu. He has also taught at École des Médias of UQAM. His work as a developer and his artistic projects have been shown in the Americas, Europe and the Middle East.

The Afterlife of Digital Art Works
Strategies Deployed by the Projet EVA Collective

The conservation of digital art works outside the institutional framework offered by museums and foundations raises several issues for independent artists. Indeed, the latter come up against maintenance, technological migration and animation problems without having adequate means to find solutions to them. Furthermore, the hybrid nature of some of these works, whether they be installations with a performance component or systems whose existence depends on a participative input, clearly complicates the situation for the artists. An overview of practical cases linked to the art production of the Projet Eva will serve to present the strategies deployed or envisaged by its members in regards to the conservation of its various works.

Link to the PDF presentation (15MB, in French)

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