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Contemporary Digital Art

Conservation, dissemination and market access

Dominique Moulon

Dominique Moulon is an independent art critic and curator and the artistic director of the contemporary digital art fair Variation Paris. He is also a member of the Observatoire des Mondes Numériques en Sciences Humaines, the International Association of Art Critics and the Opline Award for contemporary online art. He is the founder of the Media Art Design website and initiator of Mooc Digital Media of the city of Paris; he also writes numerous articles, notably for Art Press. The author of the books Art Contemporain Nouveaux Médias and Art and Numérique en Résonance both published by Nouvelles Editions Scala, also regularly contributes to graduate schools in France and pursues research at the Art & Flux laboratory of the CNRS and Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.

Variation Media Art Fair

Variation Paris is an art fair that welcomes singularities. Since its inception in 2014 by Art2M, its mission has been to extract media and technology works from the black box or the network and to recontextualize them in a white cube setting. That is to say, the display format that is familiar to collectors and institutions when they come to Paris for the third week of October, which is dedicated to contemporary art. In order to ensure that the works dialogue between each other, there are no stands At Variation. The other specificity of this fair resides in the fact that the displayed works were all selected in close collaboration with the artists and their galleries or agents. The idea behind this initiative is to finally foreground the plural digital practices of a singular contemporary art.

Link to the PDF presentation (1.7MB, in French)

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