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REZDM Project

Coastal Plan

Among the projects of REZDM in Dominica, there is the reconstruction of a jetty serving the community needs of the village of Scotts Head.

While working on identifying the location for the new jetty for the village of Scotts Head, it became obvious that this jetty, as well as any other intervention on the coastal zones of the Soufriere and Scotts Marine Reserve, would need to be designed and built within the context of a global costal plan covering the Southwest of the Island.

As no extended and comprehensive Coastal Plan existed for this area of Dominica, REZDM took the mandate of collecting and assembling into a global and coherent plan the most current and prevalent recovery or development initiatives together with potential future projects slated for the coastal areas between Pointe Michel and Scotts Head.

After several months of consultations and studies, REZDM has now completed the first iteration of the coastal plan which takes into consideration the significant changes to the topology and reduced habitability of the littoral since hurricane Maria as well as the protection of the Marine Reserve while addressing some of the challenges associated with the expected increase of activities related to tourism.

Several technologies have been used by REZDM during the creation of the Coastal Plan, including among others aerial drone surveys taken over time, underwater surveys and assessments of damages caused by hurricane Maria, in-situ evaluation of coral and fish population conditions and recovery.

Everyone interested by the Coastal Plan should visit the web presentation published on the REZDM website where you can click and zoom in the various images and travel between zones and pages. There are pages for each sub area and village that are part of the Coastal Plan.

The REZDM website address is and the specific section covering the Coastal Plans is located at

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