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Kalinago Barana (Sea) Stories & Conservation Project

Kalinago Territory, Dominica
Karina Cultural Group Egmont Point, Grenada
This project builds on the existing legacy of the sea with the first people of the Caribbean. It will record sea stories in Indigenous communities and look at existing sea-related practices and needs with community leaders.

Through a workshop with youth, it will identify sea-related projects on the island and use creative writing, drawing and collaborative storytelling to create personal and collective futuristic stories. In sharing these stories with the elders, council, their community, actions will be identified by the participants and their community for increased sea stewardship.

NANIKI is an ecosocial multimedia project in development by Oonya Kempadoo, based on regional mythology, fantasy, heritage, science and art. Oonya is a citizen of Guyana, Grenada and England and works in the Caribbean region as a consultant and social development researcher and writer. She can be considered a creative practitioner and activist, she specialize in interdisciplinary and intersectoral communications.

The Daniel Langlois Foundation is funding a new chapter of the NANIKI initiative. For 2021, the Kalinago Territory in Dominica was selected as an initial Caribbean Indigenous Community. We hope this pilot project with the Karina Cultural Group will then open the door to similar initiatives with other communities in Boriken (Puerto Rico), Kairi (Trinidad), Belize, Guyana.

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