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Kalinago Barana (Sea) Stories & Conservation Project


The Kalinago Barana (Sea) Stories & Conservation Project was proposed by Oonya Kempadoo to the Daniel Langlois Foundation, as an extension of her Naniki project, in January 2020. Naniki is a multimedia creative-environmental project that honors the Indigenous roots of the Caribbean and the sea. Celia Sorhaindo and Create Caribbean were 2019 Dominican developmental partners.

The Daniel Langlois Foundation approved the majority of the funds for the project in March 6th, 2020 and unfortunately the Covid-19 pandemic shut-down began with the same month. Efforts were made despite this to solicit Kalinago leadership interest/response to the project proposal and it was sent to Minister Cozier Frederick and Chief Lorenzo Sanford. It was later sent to Mr Irvince Auguiste and Cultural Officer, Prosper Paris.

After months of little or no communication, Celia Sorhaindo recommended Mrs Miranda Langlais and the Karina Cultural Group. Mrs Langlais responded positively and enthusiastically to the idea from Oonya Kempadoo and discussions began with the group’s secretary, Marianna Sanford, for implementation of the project while the approved Daniel Langlois Foundation funding cycle of a year was still possible.

Discussions between Oonya Kempadoo and the Karina Cultural Group continued to determine how the project could be delivered, identify resources etc. but inevitably Oonya’s travel to Dominica to collaborate and facilitate in-person was made impossible by the pandemic. It was agreed that all efforts will be made to adapt the project to virtual collaboration. Create Caribbean was by this time unable to support the project financially but offered technical intern input.

After much revision/drafting of the program schedule and project budget to meet the needs and ideas of the Karina Cultural Group and perceived community needs, project dates were set and revised proposals re-submitted to the Daniel Langlois Foundation, for delivering the project with youth participants over the April 2021 Easter holidays.

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