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Kalinago Barana (Sea) Stories & Conservation Project

Storytelling Workshop

Day Three, April 8th, 2021, Salybia Primary School

Day Three was spent practising some of the creative works, and Miranda Langlais led canoe-building dance and a theme song that she wrote.

Works created in the workshop:

  1. PowerPoint Presentation:
    “Barana Loulouli (Sea Life), the Way of Kalinago” by Aniska Auguiste, Javani Auguiste, Adicia Burton & Marlon James
  2. Poems:
    “The Tomorrow that we seek” by Dian Augustine
  3. “I am Ocean” by Marlon James
  4. Stories:
    “Fish for all” by Keyanna Darroux
  5. “Building a canoe” by Lynna Burton
  6. An anime-style illustrated story by Lybird Darroux
  7. Skit: “The Sea Donkey” by Aiden Burton, Kurmichael James, Lybird Darroux, Johnathon Valmond
  8. Song: “Let’s Protect the Barana” by Miranda Langlais and the group.

Miranda Langlais leading the group in song: “Let’s Protect the Barana”. Courtesy Celia Sorhaindo © 2021.

Some absenteeism and shifting group work made completion/rehearsal of the pieces necessary in the week after the workshop - in preparation for the Open Day Presentation. This was supported by the project facilitators who had to arrange transportation (which was not part of the budget) and work with the participants who were available.

Oonya Kempadoo © 2021 FDL