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Kalinago Barana (Sea) Stories & Conservation Project

Monitoring and Evaluation

News of the project generated some awareness and much pride within the community.

Press coverage included:

  • A press release that was published by Dominica News Online on April 1st, 2021:
  • Radio: Mrs Marianna Sanford along with Mr Marlon James (participant) were invited by the district youth officer to “Youth Vibes”, a youth radio program, held on DBS radio on Saturday 10th April from 2 to 3pm to give an overview of the project.
  • Newspaper: An article was published by The Chronicle Newspaper on April 9, 2021.

The youth participants feedback found the project/research and workshop:

  • It was good, learnt about my culture
  • Learnt a lot about the sea
  • Encouraging
  • Educational
  • Exciting
  • Inspiring
  • Weird
  • Inspirational
  • Thrilling
  • Enjoyable
  • Irie
  • ‘Deadly’

Project Coordinator’s review of the overall research experience
(by Marianna Sanford)

The project for me was fun and very interesting having delved into the traditional knowledge of sea practices of which some were new to me. Although I learnt from my late dad a few of his fishing and canoe building techniques however engaging in this project some pieces of knowledge brought back memories to me. Being the project coordinator gave me a sense of pride, confidence and deepened my passion for preserving and reviving the very critical aspects of my Kalinago culture.

Additionally it served as a training ground for me to coordinate and manage future projects allowing me to acquire greater insights of my strengths and my weaknesses. The lessons learnt will certainly help to improve on my shortcomings.

The project came in timely especially when I am pursuing my degree in Social work and youth development work as a minor which provided practical experiences and knowledge needed to work with my community especially the youth.

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