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Kalinago Barana (Sea) Stories & Conservation Project

Credits and Acknowledgments

Implemented by the Karina Cultural Group in collaboration with Naniki Inc. from March 9 to April 26, 2021, with the financial and in-kind assistance of:

  • The Daniel Langlois Foundation
  • The Ministry Of Youth Development & Empowerment
  • The Ministry of Environment, Rural Modernization & Kalinago Upliftment
  • The Salybia Primary School
  • Linda’s Minimart
  • Sanford’s Minimart
  • Elizee Services
  • Aywasi Kalinago Retreat
  • Youth Development Division
  • Rich Gems Productions

This report: Prepared by Oonya Kempadoo & Marianna Sanford.
Photos: Marianna Sanford & Celia Sorhaindo.
Cameraman/videographer: Benedict Lestrade.

Special thanks to Gerard and Miranda Langlais, to members of the Karina Cultural Group, and all of the youth participants, elders and interviewees, who made this project invaluable.

Interview with Napoleon Sanford. March 2021, Salybia (Dominica). Courtesy Karina Cultural Group © 2021.

Oonya Kempadoo © 2021 FDL