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(Brussels, Belgium)

FoAM and associates, GroWth Bunker, August 2000
Conceived in 2000 and based in Brussels, Belgium, FoAM develops remote and local collaborations within a large network of artists, scientists and researchers. FoAM’s major concerns rotate around five different axes that the group calls Macro Culture, Meta Culture, Multi Culture, Micro Culture and Zero Culture.(1) Each axis addresses specific questions surrounding such issues as representation, communication, space and technology.

One major theme in FoAM’s work is biotechnology and genetic manipulation. A recent project exploring this subject is GroWorld (2000), an installation made up of three dimensions called NightShadows, TransDimensional BioSphere, and GroWth Bunker. GroWorld investigates the public garden and the issue of genetic manipulation.

"This work wishes to inspire discussions about the decrease of the global bio-diversity, due to the practices of transnational 'life industries.' These industries range from pharmaceutical to agricultural, dealing with genetic manipulation of human, animal and plant cells, birth control and patenting organic materials such as seeds and DNA samples. There are numerous issues arising from the commercialization of all life on Earth, that are pressing to be brought to attention of both local communities and global networks of professionals involved in developing technologies for these industries." (2)

NightShadows uses a motion-sensor-controlled flash in a darkened room that leaves shadows of passersby on the walls of the space. TransDimensional BioSphere is a "forest constructed out of electro-luminescent wire. The two-dimensional shapes, resembling line drawings of vanished flora, are spread in space and ‘growing’ from the ground."(3) Finally, GroWth Bunker is a geodesic dome situated in the TransDimensional BioSphere. The dome is also filled with electro-luminescent wire and forms that change depending on the visitors who enter.

FoAM is also interested in human interaction with responsive digital media. The group has produced several projects that deal with this interaction from diverse perspectives. In 2001-2002, FoAM tackled a research project in "Wearable Architecture and Smart Fabrics" (4) called txOom. This project also fed TGarden, a collaborative effort with Sponge. FoAM and Sponge presented TGarden at the Ars Electronica Festival in September 2001.

Angela Plohman © 2001 FDL

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