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Nina Czegledy

Digitized Bodies - Virtual Spectacles

Nina Czegledy, Digitized Bodies - Virtual Spectacles, 2000
Nina Czegledy's most recent project is titled Digitized Bodies - Virtual Spectacles. This project presents a series of closely connected on-line and on-site events aimed at investigating the perceptual effects of digital technologies and enhanced imaging in biosciences and their reflection in the arts and popular culture. Czegledy is bringing together scientists, programmers, artists, students and theorists, in Canada and Hungary, to work together to probe the impact of medical technology on our concepts of the human body.

Some of the components of the project include the Synapse Forum, an on-line discussion forum moderated by Sara Diamond, Jeanne Randolph and Tibor Vamos; the Digitized Bodies - Virtual Spectacles on-line exhibition featuring the work of Jack Butler, Kevin Clarke, Diana Domingues, Eduardo Kac, Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr, Orlan, Jill Scott, Stelarc, Louise Wilson and Alexa Wright; an interactive CD-ROM being developed by Czegledy at C3 (Budapest, Hungary); a series of lectures at universities and colleges in the Toronto area and Budapest; Biomuse performances by Atau Tanaka in Toronto and Budapest; and finally, a publication dealing with new biotechnologies and culture.

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