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(Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

Oboro is a non-profit artist-run centre for contemporary art and new technologies. Oboro supports research, production and distribution in the fields of visual arts, media arts, performance and new technologies. The centre's activities attest to the diversity of contemporary modes of expression and include exhibitions, curatorial projects, residencies, conferences, workshops, network projects and publications. Since its start in 1982, Oboro has shown work by numerous video artists, and created its own Web site in 1993.

TechnOboro is a laboratory for new media, dedicated to the creation, production and presentation of work in digital technologies and telecommunications. Its varied programming includes digital video and sound editing, multimedia production, 3-D and QuickTime VR, and the creation of Internet sites and projects, along with other production activities involving telecommunications, such as teleconferences, radio and real-time Internet exchanges.

Oboro's main objective is to provoke thinking and play an active role in current debates in the artistic milieu and in society in general.

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