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Cantaloup, 1980

Steina, Cantaloup, 1980 (full version) (video)
Steina, Cantaloup, 1980 (full version) (video)
In Cantaloup (1980), Steina documents the steps involved in image programming with the Digital Image Articulator, and she reveals her fascination with the growing complexity that can be achieved through adding density. It becomes evident that in working with "digitally organized imaging" the Vasulkas are interested in maneuvering the smallest amount and the highest density of image clusters, but they are also interested in creating logically impossible situations and relations-using the medium to go "against the grain." One such approach lies in the construction of machines that are not available on the market and another in the parallel experiments with the perceptual "environment" and the paradoxical behavior of an image in "digital space."

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