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Ingrid Verbauwhede

(Los Angeles, California, United States)

Ingrid Verbauwhede holds a Ph.D degree in Electrical Engineering from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Leuven, Belgium) and is associate professor at the University of California at Los Angeles (Los Angeles, United States). In 1991, she received a NATO post-doctoral fellowship to work at the Electronic Research Lab of the University of Berkeley California (Berkeley, United States).

In her recent research projects, (1) she develops cryptographic systems based on embedded micro-processors and is particularly interested in the integration of those devices in architectural space. Ingrid Verbauwhede believes that a multi-disciplinary approach can pinpoint the theoretical and practical stakes of an emerging technology. Poly-Sensing Environement is her first collaborative project with an artist working in new media art.

Vincent Bonin © 2002 FDL

(1) Complete list of documents by Ingrid Verbauwhede: