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Universidad Ricardo Palma, Instituto de Investigaciones Museológicas y Artísticas

7 Festival Internacional de Video / Arte / Electrónica

(Lima, Peru)

ATA (Alta Tecnología Andina) and the Instituto de Investigaciones Museológicas y Artísticas of the Universidad Ricardo Palma have held the Festival International de Video / Arte / Electrónica in Lima, Peru, since 1998. The Foundation has supported the festival's 2003 edition. A major event in Peru and throughout Latin America, this annual festival runs three to five weeks and showcases recent works by Peruvian, South American and international artists who rely on digital and electronic technologies. This festival is one of many Latin American events forging new ties between artistic, scientific and cultural disciplines in the fields of new media and new technologies. Previous editions of the festival have featured such artists as Gilbertto Prado, Rosa Barba, Marcel Odenbach, Fion Ng and Eduardo Villanes.

The festival's organizers schedule events not only in Lima's traditional exhibition sites but also in outlying areas and other cities in Peru. The goal is to expose as many people as possible to the latest developments in media arts. Along with spotlighting innovative artistic creations in media arts, the festival serves as a get-together for artists, researchers, art theorists, exhibition organizers and the Peruvian public. The organizers also promote such activities as conferences, workshops, performances and electronic music concerts. In addition, the festival is an opportunity for artistic training and professional development. Practical workshops led by new media specialists are held throughout the festival.

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