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Stealth Group

(Belgrade, Yugoslavia, and Rotterdam, the Netherlands)

Stealth Group, The Wild City: Matamorphosis, 2000-2001
The Stealth Group is a collective of architects (Ana Dzokic, Ivan Kucina, Milica Topalovic and Marc Neelen) from Belgrade, Yugoslavia, and Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Founded in 2000, the group specializes in urban design, digital and media technologies, and architecture.

So far, they have collaborated on the project The Wild City: Genetics of Uncontrolled Urban Process. (1) This project investigated a new urban phenomenon in Yugoslavia: urban and architectural deregulation in Belgrade. For the project, they worked between 1999 and 2001 on an urban design model and on aspects involved in transforming and representing urban data in an anarchic context. This model, which they call "urban genetic codes," is a system of codes extracted through monitoring and denoting the rules of urban design and chaotic transformation in Belgrade.

The Wild City: Genetics of Uncontrolled Urban Process has appeared publicly in various forms (within an exhibition, two conferences, Web art projects and urban planning projects). The project was included in Mutations: Uncertain States of Europe, an exhibition that travelled to Bordeaux, Brussels, Japan and Milan. In 2001, the group took part in the conferences Berlin-Beta-2001 in Berlin and V2_WireTap in Rotterdam. As well, this project has been incorporated into DataCloud 2.0, (2) a browser developed by V2_Lab and ArchiNed. Recently, the project was published in the architecture magazine Hunch (No. 4, winter 2001).

In 2002, thanks in part to the Daniel Langlois Foundation’s support, the group is continuing its research for the project 3/4 process + 1/4 matter, a design process exploring urban data in the boundary zone between fields of digital-media technologies and architecture.

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