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Theme: Generative Art

52 documents in the collection

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12 audiovisual documents

Sponge/FoAM, TGarden, 2000Bill Seaman, Gideon May, The World Generator (1996-1997). Courtesy of the artists.Bill Vorn and Louis-Philippe Demers, La Cour des Miracles, 1997Bill Vorn and Louis-Philippe Demers, Le Procès, 1999Bill Vorn, Evil/Live, 1997Bill Vorn, Evil/Live 2, 2002Sponge/FoAM, TGarden, 2000Sponge/FoAM, TGarden (2000).

Courtesy of Sponge and FoAM.FoAM, TransDimensional BioSphere, 2000Topological Media Lab, Softwear Experiment, 2003 (video)
Sonia Sheridan in 2005The Magic Finger (Self Portrait with Pointing Finger), 1970