9 Evenings: Theatre and Engineering

Tools and technologies

AMP EquipmentAMP Equipment
Electromechanical equipment allowing the connections between various inputs and outputs.
Recognition of an audio signal frequency and triggering of a relay according to the presence or absence of pre-defined tones.
Ground Effect MachineGround Effect Machine
The Ground Effect Machine was a metal and plexiglass cubicle (much like a phone booth), which moved about the performance area on an air cushion.
Modified TV sets and projectorsModified TV sets and projectors
Production of kinetic abstract images in response to the sound of a musical instrument or audio tape recording.
Motion Music Machine (Sonar)Motion Music Machine (Sonar)
The Doppler sonar was composed of a high-frequency ultrasound transmitter and a receiver.
Proportional Control SystemProportional Control System
The main role of this instrument was to act as an easy-to-use interface.
Wireless remote-controlled cart. The carts were developed for Deborah Hay’s performance.
Racquets modified to transmit ball impact data by FM waves to the control booth.
Switching MatrixSwitching Matrix
The Switching Matrix allowed different instruments to be connected to one another.
The Vochrome separates audio frequencies and harmonics into channels corresponding to notes on the tempered scale of music.