The Aesthetics of Steina and Woody Vasulka

Selection of tools

Sandin Image ProcessorSandin Image Processor
Daniel Sandin studied the plans for the Moog Analog Synthesizer and was inspired to design the structure of a tool for processing video signals.
Multi-Level Keyer (Multikeyer)Multi-Level Keyer (Multikeyer)
The Multi-Level Keyer was designed and built by George Brown in 1973 at the request of videomakers Steina and Woody Vasulka.
Rutt/Etra Scan ProcessorRutt/Etra Scan Processor
When he met Steve Rutt in the early seventies, Bill Etra was completing a residency at the WNET Thirteen Laboratory (New York, U.S.).
Digital Image ArticulatorDigital Image Articulator
Woody Vasulka began closely following the development in digital technologies while primarily using analog tools to manipulate the video signal.
Digital Image ProcessorDigital Image Processor
This digitizer breaks the video image down pixel by pixel.
The Programmer can control the actions of a switcher or a keyer, both analog devices.
VCS3 (The Putney)VCS3 (The Putney)
The VCS3, named for "voltage-controlled studio," is best known by the name Putney in the United States.
Video SequencerVideo Sequencer
This sequencer allows the programmer to separate two video sources in a determined sequence.