Video-Cued Recall Interview with Günther (excerpt):

Günther is a professional musician who plays the theremin. He has a great deal of experience in art, technology and gesture based interaction. He is at first surprised to find an empty, room full of speakers. He tries to work out how the installation is capturing his movements and then he explores how precise the system can be. He describes his experience as an "analytical process." He recalls the first time he saw Very Nervous System many years ago, when, he feels, he did not fully understand it or enjoy it. This time, he sees the work as an instrument that he can control very precisely. He especially enjoys experimenting with the responses to very small movements. At the end of the VCR there is a long, in-depth interview with Gunther, where he describes the nature of his experience in great detail.

Produced by the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute, Linz; interviewer: Lizzie Muller. Interview conducted in September 2009 in Linz (Austria).