Musique électroacoustique latino-américaine

Sergio Poblete (Argentine)

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Sergio Poblete (born in Córdoba, 1959) is Professor of Electroacoustic Techniques and Materials at the School of Arts, National University of Córdoba. Since 1992 he is also in charge of the Musical Computing and Electroacoustics Laboratory (Laboratorio de Electroacústica e Informática Musical) at the same School.

Among other works Poblete composed: "Sonus" for tape in 1990; "Strings" for string quartet and tape in 1991; "Los pliegues del cielo" for tape in 1996, based on computer processed flute, Polynesian's angklang and digital synthesizer sounds; and "Huellas de fuego" for computer processed clarinet, trompe (Mapuche's mouth harp) and Yamaha TG-77 digital synthesizer in 1997; all works realized at the Computing and Electroacoustics Music Laboratory of the School of Arts of Cordoba's National University. In 1998 he composed "Dharma", and in 1999 "Actions", both tape pieces realized in his personal studio and Phonos-IUA, at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, Spain. In 2001 he revised "Actions" that turned then to "Actions V", premiered in Córdoba with the Cybernephone 6, using 100 loudspeakers. From 2002 is "Correspondencias" for sax, percussion, electroacoustics and computer animated images.

Some of his writings are: "Analog and Digital Medias in Electroacoustic Music" ("Medios analógicos y digitales utilizados en la música electroacústica") from 1988; "Sound objects design through synthesis and digital signal processing techniques - Algorithmic control of events" ("Diseño de Objetos Sonoros mediante técnicas de síntesis y procesamiento digital de señales. Control Algorítmico de los eventos") from 1998; and "Electroacoustic music and contemporary art thinking" ("La Música Electroacústica en relación al pensamiento sobre el Arte contemporáneo") from 2001.

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