Musique électroacoustique latino-américaine

Emiliano Causa (Argentine)

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Emiliano Causa (born in La Plata, 1970) studied graphic art, composition, sax and information systems' engineering. He is researcher and professor at the Multimedia Production career at the Fine Arts Faculty of the University of La Plata.

Among his electroacoustic music works: "Hambre Hombre" and "Organismos Sonoros" from 1999, and "Fragmentación e Interferencia" from 2000, all three pieces for tape. "Estoy así...", also from 2000, is a mixed work for tape and alto sax.

Causa started to work with video art and electroacoustic music in 2001, and during 2002 he founded the group Proyecto Biopus (with Christian Silva, Tarsicio Pirotta y Julián Isacch) to work on interactive artworks and web-art developments, bringing together multimedia and artificial intelligence concepts.

Among his works with video art based on electroacoustic music: "Dos Discursos" and "Acecho: Persecución y Muerte", both from 2001, have music by Causa and animated images by Causa and Christian Silva. "Organismos", from 2002, was directed by Causa, who also was working on the animation algorithms and sound design; the music was composed by Matías Romero Costas, and Tarcisio Pirotta, Christian Silva and Julián Isacch were working on the animation too.

He also directed interactive multimedia works as the CD-ROM "Sonomontaje", from 1999, collaboration with Carmelo Saitta, Daniel Reinoso, Christian Silva, Pablo Loudet and Leonardo Garay; and web-art pieces "Enjambre" and "Vasarely Genético", both from 2002, collaboration with Christian Silva, Tarcisio Pirotta and Julián Isacch.

Causa developed also some software applications for music, digital audio signal processing and multimedia: a tool for assisted composition based on Schillinger techniques, a time expander, a development to realize sound morphing, a neural network based pitch recognition system, and some sound-image-movement developments, among others.

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