Musique électroacoustique latino-américaine

Jocy de Oliveira (Brésil)

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Jocy de Oliveira (born in Curitiba, 1936) composed "Estoria II" for female voice, percussion and electroacoustic tape in 1967; "One player and four keyboards" for four keyboards in 1968; "Polinterações" for video, sculptures, projections and electronics in 1970; "Dimensões para 4 teclados" for piano, celesta, harmonium and harpsichord, "Wave Song", version I for piano and live electronics, in collaboration with Ron Pellegrino, "Estoria IV", version I for 2 female voices, electronic violin, bass guitar, percussion and live electronics, and version II for female voice and tape, and "Ouço vozes que se perdem nas veredas que encontrei", version I for soprano and delays, all during 1981; "Memorabilia" for soprano, electronic violin, bass guitar, percussion and synthesizers from 1983; "Mobius Sonorum" for electronic violin and tape or digital delays from 1984; "Memoria" for two female voice and digital delays from 1985; "Encontrodesencontro" for piano and tape / for two to four pianos / piano and live electronics or computer processors from 1985; "Realejo Dos Mundos" for female voices and synthesizers from 1986; "Ritual" for soprano and synthesizers from 1987; "O contar de uma raga" for electronic violin and synthesizer from 1987 too; "Solaris" for oboe and tape from 1988; "Raga in the Amazon" for oboe, mukha veena, ajeng, synthesizers, from 1989; "Guayupia" for soprano coloratura, bass, flute, oboe and electroacoustic tape from 1990; "A prostituta sagrada" for soprano with or without flute and tape, from 1990; "Mulher dos cabelos dourados" for actress, soprano,clarinet, percussion and tape, from 1994; "La Loba" for actress, clarinet and electroacoustic tape also from 1994; "For cello" for cello and electroacoustic tape from 1995; "Sonar" for bass clarinet and electroacoustic tape, from 1997; "Palmyra" for oboephone and electroacoustic tape, also from 1998; "Naked diva" for soprano / actress and electroacoustic tape from 1998. Some of the named pieces are part of larger opera / multimedia works by Jocy de Oliveira, as for example: "Music in Space", a planetary opera for voices, electronic violin, electroacoustic means, bass guitar, percussion, laser, projections and holography from 1982-1983; "Fata Morgana", magic opera for voices, electronic violin, live electronics and dancers from 1987; "Liturgia do Espaço", opera for 4 sopranos, 1 electronic violin, 2 oboes, live electronics, computer images in real time and dancers from 1988; "Illud Tempus", for one soprano, one actress, clarinet, percussion and electroacoustic means, from 1994; and "As Malibrans", for 3 singers, one actress, oboe, clarinet, cello and piano with electroacoustic means, and computer generated sounds, from 1999-2000.

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