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José Augusto Mannis (Brésil)

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José Augusto Mannis (born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1958) is a composer, electroacoustic performer, educator and music researcher. He studied in Brazil and France, and obtained his Master degree at Université de Paris VIII.

He has composed works for acoustic instruments and electroacoustic media. He has also created music for radio, video, installations and theatre. As a performer of electroacoustic pieces using live electronics he was part of Ensemble l’Itinéraire.

He was the director of MUSICON - Guia da Música Contemporânea Brasileira (Contemporary Brazazilian Music Guide) published in Brazil as a source of information about composers, musicians, chamber groups, orchestras, etc. from the aforementioned country.

Mannis has composed, among other works: "Cyclone" for tape in 1983; "Synergie" for 8 tracks tape, and "Synapses" for French horn and live electronics, both in 1987; "Duorganum II" for tape in 1989; "Reflexos" for marimba, vibraphone and tape, and "3 Fragmentos" for Takamine MIDI guitar and live electronics, both in 1991.

He has been the Director of CDMC - Centro de Documentação de Música Contemporânea (Contemporary Music Documentation Center) at UNICAMP - Universidade Estadual de Campinas.

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