Musique électroacoustique latino-américaine

Flo Menezes (Brésil)

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Flo Menezes (born in São Paulo, 1962) composed, among other works: "PAN" for orchestra and electroacoustic sounds on tape in 1985-1986; "Phantom-Wortquelle; Words in Transgress" for electroacoustic sounds in 1986-1987; "PAN: Laceramento della Parola (Omaggio a Trotskji)" for electroacoustic sounds in 1987-1988; "Profils Écartelés" for piano and electroacoustic sounds in 1988; "Contextures I (Hommage à Berio)" for electroacoustic sounds in 1988-1989; "Kontexturen II - Schachspiegel" for electroacoustic sounds and slides in 1989-1990; "Contesture III - Tempi Reali, Tempo Virtuale" for two pianos and live electronics in 1990; "La Ricerca Panica di Eco" for electroacoustic sounds in 1991; "Contesture IV - Monteverdi altrimenti", original version for viola, cello, trumpet, piano, synthesizer, bass instrument (bass clarinet in B or double basse), 2 tapes (2 channels each) and live electronics in 1990, and definitive version for trumpet soloist and ensemble (clarinet/bass clarinet, trombone, piano/synthesizer, soprano sax, 2 percussion players and 2 tapes) in 1992-93; "A Dialética da Praia" for 2 percussion players (ca. 70 instruments) and electroacoustic sounds in 1993; "La (Dé)marche sur les Grains" for electroacoustic sounds in 1993; "Parcours de l'Entité" for amplified flutes, metal percussion and electroacoustic sounds in 1994; "A Viagem sobre os Grãos" for 2 percussion players and electroacoustic sounds during 1993-1996; "TransFormantes III" for vibraphone and live-electronics in 1997; "ATLAS FOLISIPELIS", version 1 for oboe, English horn, oboe d'amore, membrane percussion, electroacoustic sounds on tape and live-electronics ad libitum, and version 2 for 2 percussion players (membrane percussion) and electroacoustic sounds (8 channels), both in 1996-97; "Sinfonias" for electroacoustic sounds (8 channels) in 1997-98; "Pulsares" for 1 pianist (piano, prepared piano, resonance piano, ring-modulated piano, virtual piano, harpsichord), orchestra, electroacoustic sounds (4 channels) and live-electronics in 1998-2000; "Harmonia das Esferas", a pure electroacoustic version of "Pulsares" in 2000; "Colores (Phila: In Praesentia)" for 1 clarinetist (clarinet in B and bass clarinet in B), 1 percussion player, electroacoustic sounds (4 channels) and live-electronics in 2000; "Stream from Outer Space" for electroacoustic sounds in 2001; "L'Itinéraire des Résonances" for 1 flutist, 2 percussion players, electroacoustic sounds (4 channels) and live-electronics in 2001 too;

In 1994 Menezes founded the Studio PANaroma de Música Eletroacústica da Unesp/FASM. And in 1995 he created the CIMESP (International Electroacoustic Music Competition of São Paulo). Menezs is currently Professor of Electroacoustic Music and Composition at the State University of São Paulo (Unesp).

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