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Roberto García Piedrahíta (Colombie)

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Roberto García Piedrahita (born in Bogotá, 1958) studied piano and music pedagogy at Universidad Pedagógica Nacional de Colombia. In 1981 he moved to Barcelona, Spain, to study electroacoustic music composition at Fundació Phonos with Chilean composer Gabriel Brncic

With Ricardo Arias and Luis Boyra, García founded in 1986 the group Sol Sonoro, devoted to improvising with electroacoustic medias. Sol Sonoro performed in several festivals in Spain, France and Colombia.

Since 1993 is professor at the Conservatory of the National University of Colombia in Bogota, where he coordinates the activities at the Musical Computing and Electroacoustics Lab.

During 1998 and 1999 he was working at the Ministry of Culture of Colombia at the Communications Department.

He has been very active organizing concerts and electroacoustic music activities during the 90s. Together with Ricardo Arias and Inés Wickmann he organizes in 1995 the "Primer Festival De Los Tiempos Del Ruido", a multidisciplinary competition held in Cali and Bogota, with lectures, concerts and a sound art expo at the Planetarium of Bogota. "La Primera Oreja" (1997), "La Tercera Oreja" (1998 and 1999) and "Libre Improvisación" are some of the concert series he was organizing too.

García composed among other works: "La distancia mas recta entre dos puntos es una línea corta" and "Martes 13" both in 1995; "…del verbo…" in 1996; "No," in 1997; "…del imperativo" for tape during 1996-1998; "MASsIVER!" and "XXiXCVii" both in 1998; "PA(I)S-AJES", together with Mauricio Bejarano, also in 1998; and "PinPon Romero".

Another action field for García was the radio, producing radio events and sound art, sometimes together with Reyes, Bejarano.

He also developed computer programs for real time sound manipulation and score and graphics generation.

With Mauricio Bejarano and Juan Reyes, García produced the "33 años de Música Electroacústica Colombiana" CD, a research work including historical pieces by González Zuleta, Atehortua, Feferbaum and Jaqueline Nova, together with compositions with the new generation of composers.

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