Musique électroacoustique latino-américaine

Igor de Gandarias (Guatemala)

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Igor de Gandarias (born in Guatemala City, 1953) shows in his creative works a strong interest on the cultural roots of Guatemala. He studied at the National Conservatory of Guatemala, at the Art Department of the Faculty of Humanities in San Carlos of Guatemala's University, and later in the United States at the Catholic University of America, University of Maryland and Peabody Conservatory, specializing in composition and electroacoustic music.

He has been working with electroacoustic medias in his music since the early 70s. Among other pieces he composed: "Cadenas cromáticas" for slides and tape in 1982; "Conquista 2" for chirimía, drum and digital equipment in 1988; and "Circunstancial II" for double mixed chorus, tzijolaj, tun, rock trio and tape in 1990. In 1995 de Gandarías composed "La Feria Fantástica", electroacoustic music on CD, realized in Maryland, United States; a second version of this piece was created in 1998, integrating and synchronizing in a video the same original music. On "La Feria Fantástica" the composer includes field recordings from the Jocotenango's fair, the most important religious feast of Guatemala's City, and realized the piece working with a Fairlight III Series audio workstation.

According to Igor de Gandarías, he also applied typical concepts and procedures used in electroacoustic music in some of his instrumental pieces, being two examples: "Guarimba" for orchestra from 1994, and "Dialogante" for Hammond organ and piano from 1995.

In 1998 was published in Guatemala the book "Tradición Popular en la música Contemporánea Guatemalteca" by De Gandarías, were he analyzes two of the Joaquín Orellana's compositions produced using electronic resources.

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