Musique électroacoustique latino-américaine

Wilson Sukorski, Árvore (after Walter Smetak), 1997

Durée de l'enregistrement : 5 min 54 s.

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Walter Smetak was a Swiss/Brazilian musical instrument designer and builder. During his entire life he developed over 120 instruments using very ethnical material like cabasas, coconuts, and others.

After his death, in 1984, all of his instruments were completely abandoned. In 1997 the SESC organization of São Paulo contacted me to repair 20 of his most important instruments. So I gladly did. While in posession of this instruments I took the opportunity to record some music with them.

Arvore (which means "tree" in portuguese) is an instrument with 42 strings fixed on one side to steel and wood rod, and on the other, in a large wood base. At the top there is a big cabasa. The sound of the instrument is very unsuspected and with a rare acoustic appeal due to the many different string types.

I used the instrument's sounds recorded at "SESC São Jose do Rio Preto". Some of this material was processed using Csound - mainly granular synthesis and filtering. Also, little loops were build around the main melody.

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