Musique électroacoustique latino-américaine

Héctor Fiore, Tan go zando, 1998

Durée de l'enregistrement : 7 min 31 s.
Instruments : Pour alto, contrebasse, piano, percussion et électroniques en direct.
Remarques : A. Porath, alto; K. Pyzyk, contrebasse; P. Grodecki, piano; J. Pilch, percussion; P. Krawczynska, électroniques; Hector Fiore, chef d'orchestre. Enregistrement d'un concert à Cracovie, Pologne, en 1998.

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À propos de cette composition :

[Traduction française non disponible]
The piece was composed using the original electronic material as a base for the pitch and shape organization of the music.

Tan go zando is one the pieces of a cycle of pieces for wind electronic instrument (so as "Esculturas para tocar" is). The wind electronic instrument further mentioned as "controller" is used in many different ways on the whole project. One of this ways is to use the controller to send musical parameters to the computer to be processed in real time and generate music simultaneously with my playing. In other cases I "control" directly a synthesizer or sampler as in the case of "Tan go zando". A very exiting feature in this way of playing is that I can "edit" in real time the synthesizer or sampler sound without thinking about numbers or values. The editing process is a consequence of the activity of "playing" on the (wind) controller.

[**] Interactive work's cycle (IWEI) where the computers are controlled by an electronic wind instrument.

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