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Rajmil Fischman, No me quedo ... (plantado en este verso), 2000

Durée de l'enregistrement : 17 min 46 s.
Instruments : Pour saxophone, basson, percussion, violoncelle et bande

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[Traduction française non disponible]
No Me Quedo … , for saxophone, bassoon, percussion, violoncello and tape, is a work consisting of five continuous sections and a coda. These take their titles from the text of a poem by the Peruvian César Vallejo (1892-1938):

1. Hay ganas de volver, de amar …
There are cravings for returning, for loving …

2. Hay ganas de un gran beso que amortaje a la Vida
There are cravings for a great kiss to shroud Life

3. Hay ganas de. . . no tener ganas / Señor; a ti yo te señalo
There are cravings … for not having cravings / Lord, I point at you

4. Y Dios, curvado en tiempo, se repite, y pasa …
And God, curved in time, repeats himself, and passes …

5. Cuando las sienes tocan su lúgubre tambor
When the temples play their lugubrious drum

Coda. Hay ganas de quedarse plantado en este
verso … ¡pero yo no me quedo!
¡¡No Señor!!
There are cravings for staying stuck in this verse … but I am not staying!
No way, Lord!

No Me Quedo … is dedicated to Dalit Fischman.

It was commissioned by Sonic Arts Network with funds from the Arts Council of England. Performances include: Birmingham Contemporary Music Group (BCMG), conductor Jonty Harrison; International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) - Göteborg, Gageego ensemble, conductor: Gunno Palmquist.

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