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Rajmil Fischman, Ramblings on a Volcano, 1997

Durée de l'enregistrement : 4 min 45 s.

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Ramblings on a Volcano is the result of collaborative work between Tsippi Fleischer and Rajmil Fischman.

The sonic world of the piece revolves around the dichotomy and integration of real sounds - particularly the human voice - and synthetic entities which defy the anecdotal experience of the listener. For example, voices may slowly loose their human characteristics as well as their limitations, changing timbre, lasting longer than breath would allow and transforming into non-vocal sounds.

This piece was realised at the Keele University electroacoustic studios in August 1997. Most of the synthesis and processing was carried out using Csound and the Composers' Desktop Project software (Groucho, C.A.R.L. phase vocoder, spectral transformations). CoolEdit and Soundscape software and hardware were used for mixing and editing. It was first performed in broadcast by Kol Hamusica, national radio of Israel in September 1997.

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