Musique électroacoustique latino-américaine

Aluízio Arcela, /cartas/, 1995

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Aluízio Arcela

/cartas/ is a composition generated entirely by CARBON, a program for algorithmic composition developed by Arcela at University of Brasilia Computer Music Laboratory (LPE). Arcela regards this piece as a time tree theorem; CARBON processes the theorem and produces scores, which are interpreted by two other programs: SOM-A and ILUSOM (both developed at LPE). The former produces sounds whilst the later produces images. SOM-A is an additive synthesiser using 132 generators (or instrumentos ortoestereofônicos); it can produce sounds with up to 52 partials. ILUSOM is a program that produces a visual representation of the time tree threorem. /cartas/ was originally composed for live performance with violin, marimba, projected images and synthesised sounds.

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